My Treatment Philosophy and Approach to psychotherapy is best described as integrative and eclectic. This means that the foundation of my work is informed by different psychological theories, including: Psychodynamic, Family Systems, Object Relations, Self Psychology and Attachment Theory. 

While theory is a critical influence on my clinical conceptualization, my approach is direct and practical; I offer a solution focused, here and now response for clients to:

  • Target behavior
  • Identify thoughts
  • Tolerate affect or emotion
  • Disconfirm negative core belief systems

To target behavior, I implement Cognitive-behavioral skills which are useful when clients need tools and strategies to interrupt addictive, compulsive or maladaptive behavior and concurrent self defeating thought patterns.

To facilitate clients tolerating affect or emotion, I am informed by Attachment Theory as the therapeutic process which considers the quality of our attachment patterns to others and most important-to self.

This framework for psychotherapy can pinpoint wounds or vulnerabilities (often originated in childhood) in relation and connection to self and others. This can help clients gain insight into their intimacy process and aid in shame resilience and reduction.

My hope is that shifting these patterns and processes to a more aware and self-nurturing way of behaving, thinking, feeling and treating one’s self, clients can facilitate healing from the inside out-from suffering, fragmentation and disintegration to relief, wholeness and integration.

Brigitte L Lank, PhD

Cascade Falls, Mill Valley, CA